here's the ultimate html freebie - free code for non-coders plus instructions.


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How to Write Your Own Web page without Fancy Software.

This is what you do. Step-by-step.

1. Open notepad.
To do this go to the start button at the bottom of your screen. Click on the "Start" button then roll the cursor up to choose programs > accessories > notepad.

2. Notepad is a simple text editor that allows you to create plain text, or for this purpose, HTML.

3. Type the following blue text into notepad.


This begins the html and ends it. The way html works is this, you tell it what you want it to do, then you tell it when you are finished. So what you see above is saying "Begin html then end html."

It begins at "<HTML>" and ends at "</HTML>" the first "<" says begin the forward slash "</" says end. If this makes sense to you, continue on. If not read it again. If it still does not make sense sign up for the free internet course right now :)

4. Put your cursor between the two middle arrows and type the following blue text.


5. Now your text looks like this.


6. Go to the middle arrows again and type the following blue text.

<TITLE>This is my page title.</TITLE>

7. Now go to the arrows just before the closing html tag and type the blue text just where it appears below.

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>This is my page title.</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>This is my page content.</BODY></HTML>

8. Save your notepad file. Make sure you change the "Save as Type:" field to read "All files" then save your file as index.html
Save it on your desktop so it is easy to find. Go to the file on your desktop and double-click it.

9. All you do now is swap the text that says "This is my page content" with the content you want on your page. That's it! You have created a web page without any fancy software.

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