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Le Meridien.
At Le Meridien you can choose from the Pool Bar, first choice for discerning restmakers, the Lobby Bar, first choice for discerning unwinders, or La Verandah, first choice for discerning chillouters. A real treat is to enjoy a cocktail beside one of the beautiful pools and close your eyes for an hour or so to let island time set in.

In the downtown vicinity you have many options.
The following is a rough outline of the best comestibles arranged from one end of town to the other.
Harbour View Restaurant - Chinese food on the hill behind the town. The banquet is best.
Tilly's at Chantillys - fantastic tapas and meals overlooking the harbour.
The Flaming Bull - Steakhouse at the Office Pub opposite Chantilly's.
The Anchor Inn - an excellent cool off spot for a lemon, lime and bitters or a Tusker beer overlooking the water.
El Gecko cafe and restaurant - terrific iced fruit drinks - near Goodies money exchange.
Numbawan cafe - nice homemade pies and coffee near the craft markets overlooking the harbour.
Deli Cafe - air conditioned atmosphere and good food.
Jill's cafe - open air hamburgers and filter coffee.
Au Peche Mignon - French patisserie of exquisite yumminess including banana splits, hot lunches, salad rolls - good value.
Chill cafe with the best view in town and the little cafe underneath for cheap coffee, tea, chips and incredible fishy visitors.
Iririki Island - take the free ferry to the Blue Lagoon poolside cafes for a swim and the ploughman's lunch.
Shooters - night on the town style bar for those in search of a nightcap - opposite the new Sebel.
The Waterfront Restaurant - Good beef ribs that serve two people and a live band - overlooking Iririki Island.
The Melanesian - excellent poolside barbecue twice weekly.
Gino's at The Melanesian for a great family pizza deal.
La Pizzeria - opposite the Nambatu Au Bon Marche supermarket at the roundabout - low prices, very casual, delish.

Other Places.
Roxy's overwater cafe on Erakor Lagoon - take the free ferry from Elluk, near Le Lagon. Wicked hot chocolate. Enjoy a little snack whilst reclining on a banana lounge on the beach. How St Tropez.
Le Lagon - big family buffet - good food.
Vila Chaumieres - on Emten Lagoon - for a romantic atmosphere.
Hideaway Island - free ferry from Mele - island visitor fee applies - good snacks for after visiting the underwater post office.
The Hospitality School - once or twice a week for a great meal at a budget price - bookings necessary.

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