Erakor Lagoon at Le Meridien
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Wedding Guest Information.

The Big Day.
On Sunday afternoon we shall meet an hour or so before dusk at the island in the middle of the lagoon at Le Meridien. You can cross via the suspension bridge or go to the other end of the island and use the chicken bridge.

More information will be provided if anything of importance comes to hand.

Well something of importance has come to hand and it is this...due to luggage restrictions no presents larger than an egg cup will be able to be carried back into Aus with us so please consider this fact. We are quite happy to accept your presence as our presents. We also had a suggestion from one of the wedding party (so you have only four people to suspect) that we could accept paper presents. Now that can be left entirely to your imagination.

Stop Press: A bus operator has been secured who has kindly offered to escort us (in two buses if required) on our own customised Round Island Tour for, wait for it, half the price of the regular tour. This tour could include visiting a village for a fire walking demonstration, visiting the "Survivor Vanuatu" location for snorkelling, as well as swimming at one of the lovely beaches on the far side. His estimate of cost is 3,000 vatu per person. Of course this would be a full day trip and lunch will be provided. Further information can be provided at the time of the big do.

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