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Getting around.

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Port Vila is a small town and many places are within walking distance of the main street (Lini Highway).

A local busThe main transport is via one of the many mini-buses that cruise the streets. Look for a "B" on the number plate. Hail the bus then tell the driver where you'd like to go. He may have other passengers to drop off along the way and you get a bit of a look around in the process.

Taxis are also available. Look for a "T" on the number plate. If you have a group of 4 or 5 people you may find the taxi is a good way to go but it is wise to ask the price in advance. They do have set prices, especially for longer distances such as the airport or Hideaway Island.

While it is possible to walk to town from Le Meridien it is quite a hike and buses are cheap and efficient at 100 - 120 vatu per person.

To go further afield, such as to the cascades or Hideaway Island, expect to pay 200 vatu per person.

If you book any tours, you will be collected from your resort and returned at the end of the day.

For tour bookings we have found "Adventures in Paradise" to be the best. Day tours that we have enjoyed immensely include the "Round Island Tour" and the "Lelepa Island Tour".

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