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A photographic record.

Here are a few photos of the big event and subsequent weeklong party that followed. Once again hold your mouse over the thumbnails to see the larger images. Enjoy!

Thumbnail image
The wedding party
  Wedding ceremony  
Tour re-con prior to guests arrival
Thumbnail image
Why Vanuatu? For that sense of freedom!
Flowers in the market.
The first guests arrive
  Wed Party Pics  
Here comes trouble
Chief bridesmaid and Mr Pikelet on the scene
Ah yes that wonderful "first drinkie"
Some mothers do 'ave 'em
  Wedding party hijinks  
Food attack
The actual event!
The minister awards the marriage certificate
Traditional flowers for the bride and groom
  Ceremony snaps  
The lovely bridesmaids and groomsmen :)
VIP guests
Relaxing at last
Sisters-in-law enjoy a chat
The reception underway
Bridal waltz
A happy bunch


A photographic journey.

Here is a photographic journey for those who like a heads up on the look and feel of the place. These photos are arranged in chronological order matching the itinerary highlights.

Hold your mouse over the thumbnails to see a larger image. If you have a slow connection be patient while the images load.

Leaving Brisbane Captions: L to R
1 - leaving Brisbane
2 - Airport welcome band
bus Aerial View 3 - One of the many local buses
4 - Aerial view of Port Vila
Le Meridien Entrance Le Meridien Resort 5 - Tam tam at Le Meridien entrance
6 - Le Meridien beach
The Sebel in background Goodies Money Exchange 7 - The Sebel in background
8 - Goodies Money Exchange
At the craft markets Nancy at the Craft Market 9 - The craft markets
10 - Our favourite stall holder Nancy

Cafe under Chill for fish feeding Fish to feed with chicken scraps while you enjoy a cuppa. Cafe under Chill for fish feeding 11 - Throw a piece of meat off this balcony under Chill cafe and have your camera ready
12 - Fish from the balcony
The Waterfront for great beef ribs to share between 2 people Erakor Island via free ferry at the mouth of the lagoon 13 - The Waterfront for good ribs
14 - Roxy's overwater cafe at Erakor Island accessible by free ferry
Snorkelling in the Rain in Erakor Lagoon What you see when snorkelling near Erakor Island 15 - Snorkelling in the rain at Erakor Lagoon
16 - What you see in the lagoon
What you see when swimming near Erakor Lagoon Entrance to the Cascades waterfall and gardens 17 - A find from Erakor Lagoon
18 - Entrance to the Cascades waterfall and rainforest walk
Honeymoon Beach Snorkeller's view of Honeymoon Beach 19 - Honeymoon beach
20 - Underwater sneak peak from Honeymoon beach

The Melanesian BBQ Giant snail in the garden at The Melanesian Food at The Melanesian 21 - BBQ dinner from The Melanesian
22 - Giant snail in the garden at The Melanesian
Eton Beach The Anchor Inn 23 - Good swimming near Eton Beach
24 - The Anchor Inn
Arriving at the Anchor Inn Speed boat ride in the harbour out front 25 - Heading for a waterfront table at The Anchor Inn
26 - The Jet Boat in Vila harbour
The Main Street downtown Post Office Port Vila 27 - The main street downtown
28 - The Post Office
Iririki Island Dinner at Tilly's at Chantilly's Resort 29 - Harbour view to Iririki Island accessible by free ferry
30 - Tilly's at Chantilly's

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